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Default Re: My 819 line French TV project


I am playing with a ATI Radeon X1950 for a 819 TV set. The video card has 2 x DVI outputs and 1 x S video output. I successfully added the 819 modline using xrandr and set the S video output to the 819 resolution. However it appears that the video output is always running at 625 lines despite xrandr reporting that the 819 mode has been selected on the s video output. I also tried to set the 405 line mode and the video output also appears to be set at 625 line regarding of modline settings for the s video output. Perhaps the settings for the S video output are hardcoded in the linux driver. I was hoping to use the S video output to simplify the access to the video output but it seems i will need to extract the video from the VGA output using a DVI to VGA adapter. Has anyone else tried to use the S video output from a graphics card for 405 or 819 lines?


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