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Default Re: Vintage Radio and Phonograph cutter schematic

Thanks Lawrence. Yes, the radio works. I tuned in a station last night...the sound isn't clean as the antenna is just a wire and not connected to anything just hanging out... I did even tried for a very little time yesterday the phono playback, also works...( fitted a new playback head just to try, the rubber wheels needs attention, but that is later...)

there was some hum with it yesterday, maybe because of the ac was in the chassis, i have not tested it today for sound.

I will test it again tomorrow to find out if the hum is still there...

With regards the resistors, i went through all of them... some of them drifted significantly, i did replace those...

I also did replace all the caps but not the filter cap, that is still the original 16+16 uf from the 1940s. Checked with a cap tester, measuring spot on with
0.62 ohms ESR. Shall I still replace this?

The other caps did not replace are the two silver mica and there is something like a brown open tube covered with wax... not sure what is that I have not seen anything like that ....

shall I do another voltage testing tomorrow or this is OK as it is for now?

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