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Default Re: Yaesu FRG-7 main frequency tuning dial broken/sticking

Steelstar, welcome.

I am sorry not to have replied earlier. I have been on the road.

IIRC, the FRG-7 tuning knob turns ten revolutions to cover the 1MHz band. Mounted on the tuning shaft is a set of 10 or so washers with tabs on prevent overtravel at each end of the tuning scale. These slide over each other, until they can slide no further. These washers are greased at the factory. The grease can dry out, and then washers stick together and limit the number of turns of the tuning knob. I think that the sticking washers can be anywhere in the stack

This happened to a friend's radio. Together we removed the washers from the tuning shaft, and cleaned off all of the dry grease. This was several years ago. We had a tough time getting access to the required area. It should not have been as difficult as it was. We could have overlooked something.

I would start by looking to see if you can see the bank of rotating washers, and going from there.

HTH, and please ask if you have more questions.

73 John
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