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Default Re: FT-101zd sizzling sound on tune up into dummy load.

Hi tuning valve transmitters is straightforward, start with loading cap fully anticlockwise drive control ajusted to give around 50MA anode current dont forget to peak the preselect control for max indication on meter keeping below 50ma Quickly
rotate plate control for a dip in pa current as indicated on meter within a few seconds ON NO ACCOUNT ALOW THE PA TO DRAW LOTS OF CURRENT as this WILL distroy the pa valves/mains transformer i have had many 101s for repair due to misuse, continue to load and dip untill no further increase in pa current If memory serves max IC to pa is 100ma for 100 ish out. Just for info C13 in the pa driver a to g of pa goes s/c this also will destroy a 101/102/902 radio.
PM me i will send you a copy of operating manual hope this helps nice radio by the way i use the other classic rig ft902 Mick

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