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Default FT-101ZD sizzling sound on tune up into dummy load.

Tuning my FT-101 into a dummy load today I heard a sizzling sound come from the radio...this is the second time I have heard this...made me jump both times and I very quickly turned the MOX off to ptt.

I think it occurred after turning up the drive control had peaked the meter..I was getting no more increase in output power ...but the drive was only just over 50% open...

I carried on opening the drive control past the point I was getting no more power out on the meter getting to full clockwise on the drive control and kept rotating load and plate to see if I would get any more out of the radio...I didn't.

The manual does say continue till the drive control is fully clockwise...but is there any point after the power out has peaked...would I be better stopping then....just wonder if push on with the drove control after the power has peaked could have overloaded something.

As you can probably tell I am a newbie with valve transmitters...and am terrified of damaging my 101ZD.

Nick 2E0LPL in the UK.
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