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Default Yaesu FRG-7 main frequency tuning dial broken/sticking

Hello all,

I've just moved house and I'm trying to set up a little shack in order to eventually take my Foundation license.

I have an old FRG-7 (well, a newer one, with the fine tuning dial) that my dad got me when I was a boy.

I've set it up, cleaned it out, and stuck 40' of wire into the man antenna connector (PL259). Works ok, I picked up some good CW on 20m.

But when I tried to WebSDR it to check calibration, I was quite a ways out.

Turns out my main tuning dial only rotates through about 700kHz (instead of the full 1000kHz). It will rotate to its maximum clockwise turn and stop, but about seven-tenths of the way back, it jumps, like a cog or thread is skipping. I have a video but I don't think the forum accepts those sorts of files.

I had it open and I can't readily see the problem, because the VFO (?) assembly is behind all those plates.

Just after a bit of advice - has anyone seen the issue before, or have any idea which part of the mechanism is responsible for the max/min turn of the tuning shaft?

Thanks in advance!
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