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Default Selling items for charity

As noted in forum rule D5, items offered for sale with all proceeds going to charity do not need to have an exact price quoted. This is to help relatives of deceased collectors who are clearing items and would like to support a charity (such as a local hospice who helped to care for the person), but do not know what the items are worth.

In such cases, please make fair and reasonable offers, and do not see it as an opportunity to try to get something valuable cheaply.

So that both the buyer and the seller know that the money is definitely going to the charity, the buyer should pay by cheque or crossed postal order, made payable to the charity (not to the seller) and should post it to the seller (not to the charity).

This way the buyer knows that the money will go to the charity, and the seller knows that the buyer has actually paid. Anything else could leave room for doubt by one or other party, which is not what we want especially considering the likely circumstances of some of these sales.


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