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Default Re: Philips EL3541/15B

An akilles heal on this machine are the three friction studs which are located between the reel holder and the underlying pulley. The disintegrate with age, causing either complete loss of the corresponding wind, or a scraping sound, both coupled with the reel holder dropping abnormally much when the corresponding wind mode is engaged.

Original replacement studs are long gone, but they can be fabricated by hand using a suitable material; cork is my favorite, and others have tried various forms of hard rubber such as the kind used for door stoppers, with success.

BTW, the take-up reel studs will most likely fail soon even if they are ok now, so it makes sense to renew them all while at it.

I don't know of any major differences between various EL3541 models, except for the casing, especially not when it comes to the mechanics. This model did come in a variety of case styles though but the actual chassis is not affected.
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