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Default Re: When was the No 12 dial introduced?

Originally Posted by giraffenigel View Post
Very interesting - thanks Ian, you should write a book!
It's knowing what to limit it to.

I've been gathering telephone info since the late 1950's - hence a huge collection (80 to 90 volumes) of N diagrams and their forerunners back to 1886, plus L, Q, TG, T and other sets. Hundred plus volumes of EI's and TI's (both the original set from pre-the days of EI's and the later Post Offices ones from 1968 onwards which replaced the EI's. Plus a complete set of the 'List of Exchanges' about details of each GPO/PO/BT exchange from mid 1920's until it went 'on-line' on BT's Intranet in the mid 1980's. That doesn't include piles of diagrams for public exchanges ranging from magneto ones pre-WW1 through to electronic ones of the 1980's.

Even got an original telephone directory for Caernarfon dated 1897! Used to know an operator from the GPO manual exchange in Caernarfon - above the Sign Shop at 24 Bangor Street in Caernarfon before it went auto. I still need to get the original Capel Curig UAX12 exchange going that was in the front half of this building before it was extended and replaced with a UAX13 when STD came along.

Even managed to interview someone who used to work the magneto manual exchange in the front room of107 Brunswick Road, Buckley in Flintshire during the days of the National Telephone Company - when it was in a private house! Note the large 'manhole' in the pavement outside and 'Distribution Pole No 1' as well. Sadly the old guy, then in his mid 90's died three days later.

Also remember working on Rossett exchange when it was in the front bedroom of No 3 Sunny Villas - a row of terraced cottages before it went auto. Worked on installing new Strowger exchange and then went back some years later and commissioned the TXE2 electronic exchange which replaced it. Then went on to be a senior commissioning engineer on the first large electronic exchange - the TXE4 at Birmingham 'Rectory'.

So it is difficult knowing where to start and what to cover? Must away, got some lines to set up on CNet and an A/B box to test for a museum in Manchester that will be getting connected to CNet on its original 'Manchester' number. A bit off original topic but all good fun!

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