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Default Re: When was the No 12 dial introduced?

Originally Posted by giraffenigel View Post
'So, would a 200/300 series telephone made in the early 1950s have had a dial No 12 fitted as a matter of course or were they still making/fitting No 10 dials then?'
I don't know. But telephone parts were manufactured to be interchangable for economy reasons and if there were vast stocks of 'new-old stock' No:10 dials kicking around, wouldn't be surprised if they were fitted with those until the stocks were used up.

As an aside, I once purchased a 'new-old stock' Bell-type receiver, the type used on candlestick telephones, still in its original plastic bag with Government phaeon arrow and bag of desiccant in 1981 at a Leeds radio rally. It looked like these receivers were still being manufactured at a time when polythene was used for packing - 1940s/1950s? So there's a bit of inertia with manufacturing. I don't think the manufacturers would suddenly stop producing No:10 dials and start producing No:12 dials with vast stocks of No:10 dials still in existence, especially immediately post-war and when the country was getting back on its feet again.

Are you a member of the THG (Telecommunications Heritage Group)? There's a vast pool of knowledge on there you can tap into and I'm sure someone would hve the answer you are looking for.

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