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Default Re: Auroras at Crowthorne Tubes

My guess is the DVD is outputting 525/60 with 4.43 chroma as Jeff suggests. In this case no rate conversion is being performed since most modern television will lock to just about any format.

One of the initial cost reducing measures I took on the SC converters is they cannot do any rate conversions. Since most people will be using their antique sets in the country of origin, or at least a country that uses the same mains frequency, this is usually not a problem. Adding rate conversion adds substantially to the cost and complexity of a converter.

I did create the SCRF-343A converter for just this occasion. Since the line frequency of 405/25 and 343/60 are nearly identical, one can operate a 405 set using a 60Hz source by only adjusting the frame rate of the set from 50 to 60.

Aurora video standards converters:
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