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Default Re: Are there any cassette machines in current production

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
Originally Posted by Ted Kendall View Post
Dolby aren't issuing licences any more, so any new deck can't be equipped with noise reduction.
Dolby's patents will have expired long ago. Feel free to copy the Dolby technology. They don't issue licences because no one would need to buy them. The technology is public domain now.

What still exists is the registered trade mark, so you'd have to call your version something different.

Also, Dolby's literature will still be in copyright, so you can't scan or photograph it, but you can re-draw it. There is a huge imbalance between the periods of protection of patents and of copyright.

A company like Dolby would see the end coming of their exclusive control (=> profit!), so they would want to bring out an enhanced version good enough for everyone to want in preference to the original, and different enough to be patented all over again. A bit like a plate-spinning act.

But I agree, no-one is making cassette type oxide, but that's a milling and screening job after mixing the ingredients, It could still be done. I'm more worried about the tape heads.

Dolby moved away from noise reduction and got into surround sound .

One could also buy standalone companders , DBX comes to mind , which were sold as noise reduction units for open reel machines and came in various flavours .
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