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Default Re: Snell & Wilcox standards convertor CVR22

It's been a while since i browsed around here so sorry for the thread bump but just thought i'd throw in my 2p worth...

as evingar says, getting info out of what used to be Quantel is nigh on impossible so it can be difficult for repairs but with knowledge of the diagnostics console it's surprising how much you can do to figure out a problem.

But in my experience fixing several quantel systems is generally they stop working due to NVRAM or hard disk failures which for the most part are fixable. The 'custom' / ASIC side of them generally keeps on kicking.

Sadly i would think that many of these systems have been binned for what might have been easily fixable faults, there are so few around now it's insane, especially the larger units like HAL, Henry or Editbox. Other than the tat that NI Broadcast keep throwing up on ebay i have not seen a even a regular Paintbox on ebay worldwide in 2+ years.

i have to admit i have spent far too much time learning about the inner workings of Quantel's hardware and have a huge library of stuff here including a good collection of software binaries and other resources, but at least we have saved a few of them.

I always say that broadcast kit is very valuable until it is not, then it falls to the bottom of the bathtub curve and stays there for some time, it may never rise from those depths.
100% with you there, i would say for the old quantel stuff it happened when HD became mainstream, tbh i doubt the quantel stuff will ever recover TBH, there's not enough people out there who even know what a paintbox is to create a marketplace for them!

my Paintbox Express & Ramcorder and all the right accessories are still working here thankfully, i just wish there was somewhere to let people see and have a play with it
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