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Default Re: Special Auction 11th Feb '18

I had an interesting day and came away with more than I intended. Really chuffed with the Marconi 264A ( ) that I got from the side stall- I've wanted one just for its looks and this one's a cracker- much better than the RM one pictured. A similarly styled extension speaker in the auction also found its way home with me.

A box of assorted trannies was actually four ITT models including a very interesting Schaub Lorenz "Touring International" one with a sound easily up there with a good Hacker! The newest one (a Polo S "IC Technic") didn't work but hey....

The early Invicta "crossover" set (attache case transistor portable) also snuck into my pile- I've got a similar slightly later Marconi one to keep it company.

I took pity on the (not that) 'orrible Bush repro min tombstone. The case is a quite solid mix of MDF, chipboard, hardboard and even some wood (in the glued blocks for support). With a better loudspeaker than the crappy 3" one fitted and some attention to a crackly pot it'll do nicely as a shed/kitchen/garage sort of set.

Only downer was the plonker in the cut-price Chelsea Tractor that he couldn't manoeuvre properly who blocked the drive for everyone carrying stuff out whilst trying to get it down to the door. I suspect he was the same character mentioned above!
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