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Default Re: Record players. Lid up or down?

I don't play vinyl much these days. But I do still have a record player with a perspex lid. And the music always seems to sound better with the lid down.

Also, I remember that my brother bought an Amstrad tower system back in 1985. It was in a wooden (?) cabinet, with a smoked glass door in front, and a quite heavy smoked glass lid, with damped hinges, over the turntable.

Something a bit like the picture, but more modern looking!

It had twin cassette decks, and a three band analogue tuner radio. And a remote control that only turned the volume up and down - nothing else!

But what I really remember were the two buttons on the front that were labelled as 'Rumble' and 'Scratch' filters.

Apparently, they were supposed to make vinyl records sound better. I was always a bit dubious!

They just seemed to have the same effect of dulling down the treble, like Dolby and other tape NR systems used to have on cassette players.

Anyone else remember Rumble and Scratch?
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