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Default Re: Commodore PET 2001-8 Repair & Refurbishment


Due to a document manipulation error on my part there is a paragraph missing from the section headed 'Fault Finding' in the first post. This should have been point number five:

5. Two intermittent faults cropped up at this stage. The first was a horizontal black bar on the garbage screen and the second involved sudden loss of power. The intermittent power loss was cured by cleaning the contacts of the Molex power connector J8 and re-flowing the solder joints to the main board. The black bar disappeared, never to return, once Id cleaned the contacts on the connections between the main board (J7) and the monitor itself.

I've attached a corrected version of the PDF copy of the restoration story.

Additional Resource

I've also come accross another document that I found useful during the restoration. It's a large file so this is a link to the download:

The document collects together some helpful information including parts lists, circuit diagrams, board layouts (main board, monitor & datasette), and chip data for early PETs. It probably exists on Zimmerman's site but if so I haven't been able to find it.

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