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Default Re: Record players. Lid up or down?

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Morse is shown using a number of record playing devices during his career. In later life he uses hifi decks (there is even an episode featuring a murder at a fictional deck manufacturer, the name of which I forget.)
The fictional turntable company was ‘Richards’. The deck used in that episode was a Roksan Xerxes.
The Dead of Jericho. The first TV episode, an adaptation of the 5th book. In the book, the Richards brothers worked in publishing rather than hi-fi - it was an interesting change, reflecting how hi-fi was fairly mainstream in 1987 (the book was published 6 years before). It was also interesting how Morse seemed quite the hi-fi expert in that episode, while some later stories portrayed him as pretty much the complete opposite (e.g. Masonic Mysteries).

I confess that my parents frequently told me to shut the lid of my Bush SRP51. I preferred the sound with the lid open - lighter bass and more HF from the needle chatter. In my defence, I would have been 8 or 9 - obviously I realise the error of my ways now . But it wasn't just the sound - I enjoyed watching the record turn and the auto-changer do its magic when it occasionally worked (most often I'd have to "help" the tonearm to move across the last 30 seconds or so of the last track on the disc - we all know why, but fixing that was a bit much for me at that age).

So it could definitely be filed under "personal preference" in many cases
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