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Default Re: Naim amplifier Case restore and cleaning etc

Hi Hector, I've had this problem many times, often when hifi separates have been mounted on top of each other leading to scuffs, marks and light scratches etc.

To re-powder coat is normally out of the question due to the amount of preparation, baking, time and cost involved.

So whether it's painted or powdercoated I always use a can of spray paint colour matched by our local auto factors (Express Paints in my area). They can match the colour exactly for around 12 in an aerosol, normally while you wait.

I give the case a clean clean in soapy water / IPA (that often removes most of the marks anyway), and lightly key it with Scotchbrite or similar. When completely dry you generally need only the lightest dusting of spray paint over the case to bring it back to 'as new' condition.

Also small scatches can normally be filled with Knifing putty.
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