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Default Re: UHF transmitter

Originally Posted by paulsherwin View Post
I don't have the relevant legislation in front of me and am not a lawyer, so I can't quote chapter and verse. The objective was clearly to make it impossible to sell video senders by any means, including privately and at car boot sales. I don't think it was envisaged that the police would be smashing down people's front doors in the dead of night, or raiding genuine museums. Nevertheless, the powers are substantial and did criminalise possession rather than use.

Although the legislation seemed excessive at the time and still does, it was very effective - dodgy imported video senders disappeared from market stalls and independent shops overnight, and have never reappeared.
I still see these video senders for sale in charity shops very frequently, so really it sounds like they could be breaking the law?although i very much doubt they are aware of the situation?
Oh I've had that for years dear!!
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