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Default Re: Anahelm CA to Bradford UK.

A component distributor on Otsego Street, Hollywood called Bill Amidon started selling toroids to the American QRP (low power) amateur radio community. He used his own part number scheme very closely following original manufacturer's numbers. He didn't make parts, but sourced dust-iron toroids from Micrometals in Anaheim California, and ferrite toroids from the Fair-Rite corporation of Wallkill New Jersey.

In the amateur radio world they are referred to as Amidon toroids and almost no-one knows the real makers.

Additionally there are multinational general distributors of magnetic cores. Try Dexter Magnetics.

Some time ago I designed a dual-directional power meter for the G-QRP club and as a joke I chose a type of core made by Salford Electrical Instruments (a GEC subsidiary) in Heywood, lancs, under a mile from George Dobbs' vicarage

What cores do you need?

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