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The Avery Man,

The email address is on the Co-Op Archive website but does take a little rooting around to find so here it is:

When I contacted them their reply was as follows:

"I am afraid we do not have service sheets for any of the radios before the 1950s. The collection of material we hold on the CWS manufacture of radios and televisions is small and includes some catalogues of products from the 1930s. There are also handwritten notebooks with information about individual models. These show that the Model MSH 902 came in two versions - AC and AC-DC and were first introduced during the 1935-36 season."

I'd have said that you may find yourself in the same position as myself, no circuits other than what you may be able to come up with, I have looked on my copy of the Vintage Radio Service Data DVD & there's nothing there either.

Best of luck sir!
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