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Default Re: MK14 schematic revisions

I've just been looking around for maybe one or two pairs of spare DM74S571 PROMs to give me the option of occasionally using the MK14 for a dedicated purpose every once in a while - the price of Tesla PROMs has gone up to about 2+ 3 each and the seller I bought two 'real' (National Semiconductor) DM74S571 PROMs from for 6 each last May is now selling them for 16 each.

Elsewhere I found someone offering programmed pairs of PROMs for well in excess of 30 which I thought was ridiculous until I saw the price the DM devices are going for now (The devices being offered in that particular case are actually DM, not MH).

In the past, it was the price of original machines and the lack of availability of PCBs which held people back from building / owning MK14s. Before long it is going to become impossible for anyone to afford the parts to populate one. I can see a situation where eventually genuine MK14s in poor condition are being robbed for their parts to populate replicas or just to sell separately.
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