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Default Pye StudioCOLOUR unusual screen phosphor pattern?

Well, my parents caved and bought a new flat CRT bush thing when I was away on holiday (I keep trying not to admit to myself that it actually gives a really brilliant picture...)...the plus side of this being that I've had a chance to give the little Pye a good look over now.

One thing I noticed almost immediately, is that there's something really odd about the screen...all the other colour CRTs I've seen have simple phosphor stripes running down the screen vertically (if not triads used on the old delta gun tubes, though I've not seen one of them in years). The little Pye however seems to have what I can only describe as "cells" shown in the phosphor, with vertical borders between areas of the screen as well as the obvious horizontal lines between the different coloured phosphors. Something I've never seen before.

Granted, I've not peered at the makeup of the screen of that many CRTs, but neither the random Grundig, Mitsubishi CT2023B or the new Bush thing have a similar design to this. For comparison purposes, the third image below is of the screen of the Mitsubishi CT2023B.

Is this a particularly unusual design? If so, what was the intention of it from an operational point of view?

Just curious!
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