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Default Re: Clarion/Range Rover PRC8290(PU9590C)

Steve, the switch works OK(reads o/c when 'off' and ca. 1 ohm when 'on'). The + 12v supply is then taken to the emitter of Q504-a 2SAxxx*, which is then turned 'on' via a transistor/resistor combination biased via the 'remote 1'(Clarion's description!)line from the master uP, but you could be right-there is probably another line to/from the uP which isn't being reset to '0V' when the set is switched off
*I don't have the radio in front of me and can't remember the type no of the device! Circuit references are from a Clarion manual for a different model with a power o/p stage built in-the PU9590C is line o/p only.
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