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Default Re: Clarion/Range Rover PRC8290(PU9590C)

The radio is powered, with the display showing 98.1Mhz U1 even with the (conventional mechanical) on/off switch in the 'Off' Position. I have checked the quiescent current drawn by the Permanent, Accessory, and dial illumination supplies seperately, with the result noted in post #1. Further checks today have not produced a solution. I even removed a diode connected between the Acc. & Permanent supply lines, although it checked out OK 'cold', because a point marked 'Acc' on the PCB still had +12v on it with the supply to the Acc line removed Didn't make any difference. Possibly the fault is in the main microprocessor. If so, the answer will be to do as I stated at the end of post #1. I don't have the service manual for this early 90s OEM fit stereo, either!
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