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Default Re: Alpine 7148L Car Stereo digital Tuning Fault

Biggles, This Radio is about 25 years old, and it doesn't have a removable security panel-it's a 'spindle fit' set. Come to think of it, the pilot lights don't work, so I'll replace them & check again. Alan, it is actually a low profile 4.5 MHz Crystal, and I am wondering whether to replace it and/or the two 22pf ceramic caps, having already resoldered the joints of these components to no effect. The Processor is a large DIL IC made by or for Alpine, and programmed for the series of stereos in which it was used. The radio is in my workshop abt 3/4 mile from here, and I didn't make a note of it's type no., but, sure as eggs are eggs, it will be obsolete, and unobtainable.
Correct me if I'm wrong, AJS, but don't you mean a NOR gate-I can't think what a NOT gate is. I remember being taught about AND, OR, NOR, NAND gates, though. Unfortunately, my 'scope is out of action, and I'm too involved with other things to find the time to fix it. Catch 22 I know! Thanks for reminding me about the theory, though.
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