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Default Re: Regentone A133 HT smoothing capacitors, V4 cathode resistor

Originally Posted by turretslug View Post
The presence of an EZ80 may indicate a late production version- the Rimlock valve series had a relatively short reign before Noval types steadily displaced them. Radiomuseum lists an EZ40 for this model but, whilst it's a very useful and wide-ranging site, many of its model descriptions are single-example snapshots and it's not unusual to find some differences in the set that's in front of you, so to speak. The EZ80 spec. suggests that it would be more amenable to fitment of a larger reservoir capacitor, too, which could explain the apparently original 50 + 50uF component.
Sorry that was a typing error is a EZ40 rectifier I must double check my typing before hitting the send button

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