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Default Re: Faulty Tandberg hifi

Interesting comments.
I have had a Tandberg TD20A, and a Tandberg TCD310 MkI for approx 45Yrs and they have both been fine - performed faultlessly.
As I repair a lot of varied stuff as a hobby/income supplement, I recently bought a TR2045 as a workshop general dogsbody, and once cleaned up it worked excellently on the shelf.
Suddenly after about 8 weeks all hell broke loose, nearly blew the L/S cones out with noise.
Traced to an earthing strip on the audio preamp PCB, broken/dry joints. This had not been touched by me or anyone else by the looks of it, so why it should fail after 50ish years I don't know.
I still don't understand electronics Perhaps I am doomed, as in my servicing days I would go out with say 10 jobs and all would be swines eg a dry joint inside the burst gate amplifier transformer, whereas my colleague Jim would whistle through 10 in the morning. Hey Ho Lucky me!
I had an Icom set and spent an inordinate amount of time soldering up dry joints to finally get it functional


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