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Default Re: Faulty Tandberg hifi

Indeed David. I reckon all companies will have had trouble with their flow soldering at some time or other, fleetingly or otherwise, it just seems that Tandberg had more than their fair share of problems. When I worked at Thorn Automation we had a production manager who used to spend a lot of his time titivating and teasing the flow solder machine to produce nice shiny joints. And of course sometimes you would get a batch of poorly tinned resistors and that wouldn't help.

I mean, I have found certain hifi units from other companies to have poor PCB connections, but then again I have found other units from those same companies to have very good joints. My own conclusion is, even if it was only for a few days, most companies must, at some time or another have produced bad solder joints as a result of the flow soldering machine not working properly; poor temperature control, flux problems, etc etc. From all the evidence I have seen (lots), it just seems that Tandberg had more than their fair share of 'bad days' - months or years I reckon!
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