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Default Re: Smiths Sectric Wall Clock De Luxe Movement

Originally Posted by Mike Phelan View Post
Originally Posted by JaySpark View Post
Hi Mike

Many thanks and also for the correction on Sectric!
You're welcome!
I think Iíll strip it completely, wash all parts, apart from the motor as you suggest. Them reassemble with oiling the pivot points with a tiny drop of engine oil on each and some sewing machine on the rotor pivot as you say.

Can I ask, is sewing machine oil better than clock oil for the rotor on this type of clock?
Yes. Clock oil is made so it doesn't "run" - i.e. it needs to stay in the same place, whereas the rotor in a clock needs oil that can reach all parts of the bronze bearing and many of these are sintered - the bronze is made from a powder and acts a bit like a sponge.

Thanks, Paul, for the accolade!
Expert definition
Ex = has been.
Spurt = drip under pressure.
Thanks again for your valuable knowledge!

One last question before I get on and strip the movement down. Is there a way to establish the age of this movement? Maybe from the markings shown in the photos? It would be great to give the owner a little more info on the clock when I return it to them.
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