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Default Re: Testing an output transformer

As I expect you know the difference in resistance between the two windings is probably down to the fact that the outer winding has longer windings. It's not likely that a winding would go higher in value, but it could go lower due to short circuited turns.

A method of testing for short circuited turns using a neon has been posted in the forums, but it's only really applicable to mains transformers.

Applying an AC voltage to the secondary and measuring the voltages in each half of the primary is as good a method of testing as any, but you'll just have to see if the results "look right". I can't quote a tolerance.

I have a DMM which measures inductance, and I've wondered whether measuring the inductance of windings might show up short circuit turns in the measured winding or those coupled to it. Unfortunately I don't have a transformer with short circuited turns to play with.
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