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Default BVWS Online Auction 27th October

The BVWS are holding another online auction starting at 10AM on the 27th October and will run until Sunday 31st October. The first lot will finish at 6PM and then every minute after for each following lot. Just to clarify the tenth lot will finish at 6.10PM and so on.

This is being organised by our auction agent Mike Barker and there will be a range of goodies and bargains for everyone. Treat yourselves this Christmas.

As usual there is NO commission or VAT to be paid by buyers so what you bid is the price you pay. This enables our members to achieve the best prices possible.

Only BVWS members who are up to date with their membership will be able to bid in this auction.

I need any new / renewal membership subscriptions to be in by Tuesday morning 26th October to enable me to get the main database up to date, as a link and password to view and participate in the auction will be sent out by email on that evening.

If your membership is not current, you will not get an invitation to participate in the auction.

If you are a member and you do not receive your invitation please do not message me through this forum but through the BVWS email address for memberships. Let me have your details including membership number and I will sort it.


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