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Default Does anybody repair pocket radios?

l've got a very small Sony pocket radio from the 1960's which doesn't work.

lt looks untouched as in nobody has messed with it. The battery terminals are good (no corrosion) and l've got two of the special batteries that it takes.

When you turn the radio on it just hisses, louder as you increase the volume. lf you alter the tuning knob there's a "twee" sound in certain places as you tune past.

There's no chance of me even trying to repair this tiny circuit board, is there anybody on here who could repair it? Obviously l am happy to pay whatever charges are involved.

l've looked online to try and find another and a few of these have sold in recent months but all listed as "untested, no batteries"

The batteries are available, not the original mercury cells but an alkaline replacement with the same voltage.
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