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Default Re: BC-348-Q. Receiver.

Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Hi all,

I have a BC348 which had a missing ID plate when purchased. I know it's not a J, N or Q variant because the CW OSC switch is the toggle type in line with the rotary CRYSTAL IN OUT switch. Does anyone know of a list of variations between the E, M, O, P, S, H, K, L and R types such that mine could be identified and a replica plate made?
The BC348J,N and Q are the newest models, built by Wells-Gardner.
All the earlier models BC348 E,M,O,P,S,H,K,L,R are built by various firms, RCA, Stromberg Carlson and Belmont. The circuitry varied as well.
They also used some grid-cap octal and UX base valves.
Dave, USradcoll1 I have a few examples of this set.
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