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Default Re: BC-348-Q. Receiver.

I have a BC348Q in my collection in storage. It came from my Elmer William H. Ward W7SS CWO USN SK. (Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart)
I have read a number of articles on the BC348 series. There are numerous mods out there to "Improve something" in the set.
IIRC The Surplus Schematics Handbook had all the details on the set. The OEM Military manual should be downloadable from the U.S. DOD website.
This latter is the complete maintaince manual. Good pix, drawings and schematics

Now I do remember a couple of things about that set.
Most important was the built in power supply had NO FUSE. Mine has that compartment a charred mess. Stuffed into it was a note to fuse the P.S. or this would happen again.

The other thing I solidly remember was the "canned caps" in the round metal housing with the mica tops were failing- a lot. The paper caps in them had the paper used as a dialectric breaking down. This was from various U.S. ham radio magazines in articles on the BC348 family of sets. (Remember- this was war time production. It was good enough for then to get by). HTH
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