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Default Re: AR88 Front Panel Colour

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So,were the AR88,s used by the RAF?
Yes - many of the RAF ones were modified, with a different antenna socket and a panel with an on/off-switch and jack-socket fitted below the off/trans/rec switch on the front panel. The socket was for high-impedance headphones.

RAF had their own 'number' for these modified AR88s - they called it the R1556.

There's a thread about this here: and a photo of one in use here:
Mine is one of the early AR88, s/n 1017 not a D or LF, frequency range is same as D, it had two extra holes in front panel that had been filled. When I had it paint stripped to renew it and make sure engraving was good, I decided to fill them in again as the chassis appeared not to have the wiring for the extra parts. I have a feeling this particular radio has had many changes done to it in its lifetime so its ancestry is a bit difficult to define.

It had the wiring and pot for the S-meter however. Have found a local company who caan do re-chroming of the strips for a nominal sum.

I really cannot believe how sensitive and stable these radios are after replacing most of the suspect components.
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