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Default Re: Distorted image with Commodore 128

I have a saying, 'always try the simplest thing first', so yes, try gently cleaning the contacts. It may also be possible that the cord/cable between the datasette and the computer has an intermittent break in it.

The Datasette itself may also have a physical - intermittent fault - you will just have to try to eliminate these things one after another, starting with the easiest (cleaning the contacts on the datasette plug and the corresponding contacts on the computer). Don't use anything really harsh, like sandpaper, because the contacts will be plated or 'tinned' - you don't want to scrape that coating off.

Good result with the video check, so the next step is either to buy a ready-made 128-to-SCART cable or make one, if you feel able to do that. I think they are probably so cheap that it is not worth the trouble to make one.
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