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Default Imogen test card generator.

I have just had a problem with my Imogen test card generator. The tantalum capacitor on the input decided to go short circuit and go up in smoke fairly spectacularly burning the supply lead wire and singeing the corner of the case. At the time I was using the 625 test card to test a LCD projector and running it from a 9V DC unregulated wall wart which had been fine for some 5 years.

Symptoms were picture break up followed by sound of sizzling and smell of burning I pulled out the plug on the back and the top of the unit was very hot.

I can’t read the values of the original Tant and there is no fusing between the wall wart and the input circuit so I will repair it probably with a 25v Electrolytic and add a fuse to the input. I will get back on the final details but it may be useful to others to just to watch out for this as these are now about 5 years old.

Regards, Chris.

The original thread on these is here:
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