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Default Re: Dinosaur Designs mk1 standards converter. Value?

Originally Posted by evingar View Post
I think you would have to be a real connoisseur of the art of standards converting to justify the touted price tag of 400 as I'm skeptical you would see any difference between the Aurora and Dinosaur on domestic 405 line kit
You may well be right about that, but as I mentioned part of the value would depend on the way in which the David Grant converter was integrated with the other system components, housing, power supply RF modulators etc and the quality of those.

My two converters shown here:

These have been built into high quality enclosures, one is a Swiss Elma type. The RF modulators are Xtal controlled have proper clamping so there is no issue with retrace lines appearing at times on sets like the TV22 when the modulator does not have this. Also they have a calibrated RF controllable output level, one with panel markings the other with metering, and video & audio level metering. And the units of course contain switcmode psu's.

So all of this sort of thing adds value to the already wonderful converter.

From memory, I think the bare converter board pair and the small motherboard, just on their own, sitting in free space on the bench cost around 400 GBP when Mr Grant was supplying them, and that is just one part of the picture so to speak.
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