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Default Re: Dinosaur Designs mk1 standards converter. Value?

Originally Posted by Argus25 View Post
It is pretty difficult to beat David Grant's converter. It was and probably still is the best converter ever made with an excellent interpolation method. It was very well executed from the design perspective and the performance is outstanding. I have two of these and would not part with them for any money.

I don't think the value of this converter has been at all diminished by the availability and lower cost of other converters that came later, to me its the prize winner.

In my view its worth a minimum of 400 GBP, possibly more if it has been well assembled into a nice housing with good power supplies and RF modulators with proper video clamping. But it will take a member to 1)recognize its value 2) want one and 3) have the spare funds to buy it. So you may or may not get whats equivalent to its intrinsic value.

Both will do the job for sure. Without wishing to denigrate the Dinosaur design in any way, the majority of people will be using the kit for domestic quality kit of considerable vintage. I think you would have to be a real connoisseur of the art of standards converting to justify the touted price tag of 400 as I'm skeptical you would see any difference between the Aurora and Dinosaur on domestic 405 line kit
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