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Default Telequipment D63 - any opinions?

Has anyone owned one of these at all?

I've owned a D83 and an S61 and they are nice machines. The D63 I have no experience with however. I'd like to eviscerate a V4 amplifier plugin and migrate my SA project into it as it has a relatively straightforward mainframe interface by the looks, nice 48v differential supply (I am using varactors for the main osc which need 30v swing) has a timebase built in to the mainframe and is a bit tidier than my current lash up. Incidentally the whole thing should fit in the plug in space nicely with some modifications. Also the dual transistors and FETs from the two front ends will be useful as well and looking at the current prices it'll be cost effective to do this versus buy the things separately.

Also I don't think anyone will cry as much as if I shredded a Tek 7000 plugin

I will also have to build an extender for the plugin. Does anyone know what connectors they use? Assuming relatively standard 0.1 / 0.2 pitch edge connectors?
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