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Default Re: Trio 9R-59DS communications receiver (1970)

We're in a different world than when the modifications were published for the 9R-59DS.

Back then a 9R-59DS was the best that many people could afford, and if they wanted anything better, they had to get out the soldering iron, drills and file. On 5 bob a week pocket money, I couldn't afford a 9R59DS to start with, so I followed the surplus route.

Nowadays, if you have a 9R59DS and hanker for a better receiver, you can probably afford one. What takes your fancy? An RA17, a Frog-7, an Eddystone? Drake? Collins? or stick with Trio and find a JR599?

I think the greatest value, now, of a 9R59DS is in keeping it original as an illustration of how things were. In days gone by it was different.

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