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Default Re: An interesting magic eye substitution

Originally Posted by Kat Manton
Hmm... a circular array of the very small surface mount 'chip' LEDs driven from some sort of microcontroller (there are some with an ADC) programmed to PWM the last LED lit. So, rather than a step change from one LED to the next you get a gradual increase in brightness before the next one lights...
I wouldn't relish the prospect of soldering all those surface mount bits in place. There seem to be a lot of LED arrays around, and there must be a ready-made one of about the right size somewhere. There are LED arrays which pack an incredible number of small LEDs in place for printers and other applications.

Some PIC processors have onboard ADCs. Using a microprocessor would make the project more versatile - programming the sensitivity etc - as well as the dithering you suggest.

It should be possible to take enough power from the heater. 300mA for the ME heater should be going begging for a start.

I think it's down to getting a display that's convincing enough to be worth the trouble, and which fits.

As said earlier. the Tuneon neon indicators in 30s radios are very short lived and are nearly unobtainable. A linear LED array would fit in and be a tolerable sub.

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