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Default Re: An interesting magic eye substitution

Originally Posted by YC-156
Is there a trick to this, please? I just tried butchering a few LEDs, and I didn't find them particularly forgiving to my ministrations with a hobby knife.

Hi Frank,

The trick is to use a good quality LED as a starting point.

The light emitting "chip" is usually at the base of the device (the standard 5 or 6mm diameter type) and obviously you need to avoid getting too close to it with your knife.

The ones I have found best are the oblong type from IMO. There is a good selection available from RS or any of the usual suppliers.

We had a Taylor Hobson engraving machine and our engraver would set it up as a milling machine and do batches at a time. For a few off I would think that filing might be better that using a knife (and safer for the fingers ).

If we needed vast quantities we could have them made for us by Marl - although they weren't cheap.

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