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Default Re: Vintage Radio and Phonograph cutter schematic

Hey Guys,

Starting this project and thought will post a few pic of this unit. I have received a few weeks back. Maybe some of you out there also refurbished or in a process to refurbish such gear...great fun!

Opened up and it the look of it is really pretty and it is in a very good shape considering the age.

Checked visually what is going on inside and took my DMM to measure first the capacitors.

I see plenty of bee wax one Zenith written on...Surprisingly these caps are spot on on my DMM. I know, I should replace them with new film caps, just mentioned that as all the other film caps in the unit are out of spec's. The Zenith's are within spec's and it seems that these are kind of a tone capacitors?

I found the 0.01 cap to chassis is in pieces ! So that will be the Y2 one and there is another one a 0.05 to ground at the motor switch.

The power capacitors are 16+16 uf and measures 1 Ohm's on the ESR meter.

The two 25 uf bypass caps are over 40 Ohms on the ESR meters.

Switches seems smooth. power cord is two prong, will keep this as it is, I have no issues with it.

The motor switch was broken, replacing with a Push button ones.

Posted few pic's and will be doing so if some of you is interested in this thread, it is a lovely challenge. (tubes are looking really good in shape too).

One thing I can not put into place is at the tube 6v6GT

At Pin3 Plate there is a wire hanging and not going anywhere an should - according to the schematic- should not go anywhere else besides the .01uf / 1000V and the 0.04uf at the switch. Maybe someone soldered that in his way and forgot to clip that off....who knows...

Have a great evening and if any of you interested, please follow this thread.
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