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Default Re: Using a slide Switch 2A to switch between POTS and FreePBX

Originally Posted by boombox View Post
I'd like to get my Sipgate trunk working. At the moment something's going wrong with Sipgate, it just says "timed out" in the Asterisk CLI. As if a port is blocked on my router. I've made sure SIP ALG is turned off. I haven't done any port forwarding though. I didn't think I'd need to do that as I'm not exposing a service on my network to the internet, I'm trying to connect TO a service, aren't I?
Sipgate is working fine, I have several accounts.
Try it on x-lite on a Windows box, or CSipSimple on an Android device.
Make sure you are using the SIP password, which is different from the one to access the web portal.
Originally Posted by boombox View Post
I'd also like to find a way to present callers with an IVR after a certain point in the evening but I'm sure I can google for that.
Easy peasy. Send the call to the "Time Conditions" module then you can send it to two destinations depending if the condition is met or not.
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