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Default Re: Using a slide Switch 2A to switch between POTS and FreePBX

You can pretty much use whatever ports you like as long as you match them at both ends, that's doubly true if they both lie within your LAN

If the recommended default SIP port has changed I am blissfully unaware.

I use CHAN_PJSIP extensions for my Android phones and I have defined port 5063 for that.

5050/5051 for the two-parts of the SPA3000 and PAP-2
5063 for the Android phones.

Works for me!

Port forwarding is essential in my case, as I need the Android smartphones to register with freepbx from outside my LAN, it also solved problems of calls being cut off generally.
You will be horrified at the bots from various parts of the world swarm onto your system as seen in your router logs!
My solution is three-fold:

Strong extension and trunk secrets.
Install fail2ban on your Pi and assign strict rules.
Don't get paranoid.
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