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Default Re: Using a slide Switch 2A to switch between POTS and FreePBX

Hi Rambo - I'm having a spot of bother with my ATA and Freepbx. Not sure where the problem is. At one point it was working so long as my dialplan on the ATA was


then it was suggested I change that to


and then it was suggested I change that to


and then it was suggested I change that to:


At some point even the basic functionality with the first dialplan stopped working because now whenever I dial a number on my test handset plugged into the FXS port I hear very faintly a load of DTMF tones being rattled off and then after a pause I either get a BT announcement saying "sorry, there is a fault" or I get just a beepy fault code. I think the beepy fault code (technical term) and the "sorry there is a fault" are both generated from the PSTN because they are recognisable and the voice is the recent BT lady voice.

I could really use a hand if you're good with this sort of thing, Rambo, and have the time...? I'm getting help from the FreePBX community forum but because they're on a different time zone, I take a step forward on one evening and then have to wait 24 hours to take another step forward. When in reality it's probably easily(?!) solvable in one sitting.

Thanks for your interest, anyway!!

P.S. I should mention I've been fiddling with the proxy and port settings latterly, the guides all show completely differing recommendations for what the SIP port should be and whether after the proxy IP you should add a port as well, e.g. or just
At one point I found that the only way I could hear anything on the test phone was if I added the port to the registration proxy.
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