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Default Re: Aspect ratio

Originally Posted by 1100 man View Post
Does the H.Hog zoom in and just loose the edges or stretch the picture vertically and give tall thin people?

I've just been playing with an HDMI to composite box from Ebay and displaying the output on a Thorn 1500.
I can only get 16:9 from my laptop which is displayed, as you would expect, with bands top & bottom.

A further problem comes when viewing something that was originally in 4:3 (eg. vintage TV adds from Youtube). You then get bands at the sides as well. What I need to be able to do is to zoom in to get rid of the border all round.

Is there any hardware or software that allows this to be done?
Hi Nick
The latest version of the Hedghog firmware does aspect ratio conversions of
4:3 => 4:3
4:3 => 5:4
16:9 => 4:3
16:9 => 5:3
It does this by cropping the beginning and ends of each line by the appropriate amount.
I have uploaded a picture of a 16:9 input with each of the above conversions applied to it.

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