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Default Re: Pye CTM4.

HKS wrote: It's only a common as muck VT4 wearing a posh frock David. It will probably need a set of scan coils, a LOPT and that's after you have changed 231 leaking waxies and 27 diodes.
Hi John,
it's such an attractive looking set that I reckon it has be restored. Good looking sets like this don't appear very often. I've always liked the Pye Continental series including the CTM17 and the 21" version, the CTM21.

Testing the CTM4. Found two PY82 HT rectifiers diodes and fitted the correct valves in the tuner. Quite a few problems with the heater chain not helped much because some wires in the chain had been snipped off.
Been using a RS components RS14 digital multi-meter for fault finding, its a rather disappointing instrument but for 24 what can you expect?
Also there is evidence of some creative '50s and 60s servicing solutions to sort out.
A suitable elliptical loudspeaker has been found.

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